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For a refresher on the specifics of the ministries featured in this year’s ministry fair, please read below (or open the pdf).

Guiding Hands Pregnancy Center


This outreach ministry exists to offer hope and support to women and men in our community who need help facing difficult life decisions related to expected or unexpected pregnancy and early child development. We minister to the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our guests.

Requirements to serve
  • A commitment to the body of Christ at Evangel as a member for all who take on leadership roles
  • All workers must submit to a background check.
  • All workers undergo an interview with the director to determine the best place of service.
  • Be willing and ready to share your salvation testimony.
  • Each worker must have a heart of compassion for those in need and be good listeners.

Common Grounds Ministries

(A partner of Evangel Baptist Church)


In partnership with Evangel, Bill & Tamra Branks are scratch starting a church plant in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit (about 21 miles from Evangel). We have established a donation-based coffeehouse to help connect with the Corktown neighborhood in order to build relationships geared towards inviting them to church and evangelistic opportunities.

Requirements to serve
  • Each participant shall be a member at Evangel Baptist Church and will work with one other volunteer. Putting together you own volunteer “teams” are recommended.
  • Maintain a humble, teachable spirit and consistently be quick to seek forgiveness from others and show forgiveness to others.
  • Be willing to commit to 3 hours per week to serve coffee at the coffeehouse.
  • Provide your own transportation (free parking is available)
  • Be willing to be trained on how to make a few different beverages from our limited menu.
  • Please see Jessica at our table for a full “job description”

Music Ministry


The music ministry of Evangel Baptist Church seeks to glorify God and edify His church in worship by showing forth His beauty and truth in song. We will strive not only for musicality and creativity, but, first and foremost, for holy lives that “proclaim the praises of the One who called [us] out of darkness into His marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9).

Requirements to serve
  • Be a member of Evangel in good standing.
  • Maintain a humble, obedient, and growing walk with the Lord and love for others.
  • Attend Wednesday night 8:15pm rehearsals the week before you are scheduled to play/sing.
  • Attend Sunday morning 9am sound checks the days you are scheduled to play/sing.
  • Adhere to our posted policy on platform attire.
  • Learn the Planning Center Online app to receive scheduling alerts and reminders.
  • Know your music and be “all there” on Sunday morning with a heart of worship and assisting God’s people in song.

Audio/Visual Ministry


The Audio/Visual Team at Evangel helps us transmit our worship service throughout the auditorium, the facilities, and online and supports the intelligibility of the spoken and sung word in a large space.

Requirements to serve
  • Each participant shall be a member at Evangel Baptist Church.
  • Maintain a humble, teachable spirit and consistently be quick to seek forgiveness from others and show forgiveness to others.
  • Possess some knowledge of sound or video systems and be quick to learn.
  • Accept or decline scheduling requests by the ministry leader quickly and communicate whenever they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Be in the auditorium in plenty of time in advance of each event to ensure equipment is on, tested and ready to go for the event.

Upward Football


Upward Football is an outreach ministry that allows for fellowship through the teaching and playing of football, focusing on weekly Christian principles, and prayer.

Requirements to serve
  • Director, coaches, and referee coordinator need to be committed to the body of Christ at Evangel as a member.
  • Coaching helpers and assistant referees may be non-members under the direction of a member.
  • All who serve as coaches and referees must have a desire to learn the game and associated rules
  • All who serve in this children’s outreach ministry of Evangel must submit to a background check.
  • All who serve need a heart for children and sharing the gospel.



The Downriver Wolfpack is a Youth (High School Aged) Football Program at Evangel. We use football to relate to young men and help them understand how they can know God and be used by Him in all avenues of life.

Requirements to serve
  • Leaders must be committed to Christ and members of Evangel Baptist Church.
  • Adult volunteers/helpers (coaches, drivers etc.) shall be professing believers with a heart for seeing young people come to Christ.
  • Bus Drivers will need a CDL Class C license with a passenger endorsement.
  • All ministry leaders and helpers must submit to a background check.
  • Adult volunteers/helpers need to be willing and ready to share their faith in Jesus. There are several players who do not come from Christian homes.
  • Adult volunteers should possess some knowledge of football or be quick to learn.
  • Volunteers need to be committed to being early to practices and games

Evangel Student Ministries

(Students in 7ththrough 12thgrades)

  • To come alongside parents to equip Christian teens for the work of the ministry through Bible reading, prayer, spiritual songs, biblical teaching and mentoring.
  • To model a wholehearted devotion to God through worship.
  • To evangelize unsaved teens through special events and an emphasis on the gospel at regular meetings.
  • To provide opportunities for fellowship outside of the regular church services so that lasting friendships and accountability can be encouraged.
  • To promote mutual love and respect between teens and their parents.
Requirements of Youth Staff:
  • A born-again believer committed to a one-year term or more and approved by the Pastors and CE committee
  • Attend regular youth group meeting times and volunteer for special events
  • Lead a small group during the Wednesday meeting
  • Pray and follow-up with encouragement and direction with those in your group
  • Counsel with unsaved teens regarding salvation and their spiritual needs
  • Counsel with Christian teens regarding their spiritual life and needs
  • Be an example for the teens in word, deed, modesty, and service

I.T. Communications


The I.T. Communications Team at Evangel Baptist Church supports the worship, teaching, and fellowship of Evangel Baptist Church through the maintenance of our network, web presence, and office technological equipment.

Requirements to serve
  • Each member shall be a regular attender at Evangel Baptist Church.
  • Maintain a humble, obedient, and growing walk with the Lord and seek and show forgiveness.
  • Have knowledge of and background in I.T.
  • Accept or decline requests by the Leader quickly and communicate quickly with a church member when a request is received.
  • Complete projects in as timely a manner as possible.



Our mission is to reach kids with the Gospel of Christ through memorizing, learning and comprehending Scripture.  We build relationships and make life long disciples all for the glory of God.  The very core of AWANA is that we are centered on the Gospel.  Without the Gospel we have no purpose and no ministry. 2 Timothy 2:15 –“Be diligent to present yourselves approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed. Accurately handling the word of truth.”

Our ministry serves the church in teaching, fellowship and evangelism.  Teaching through memorizing, learning and comprehending scripture centered around the gospel.  Fellowship through activities such as game time and different outings throughout the AWANA year.  Evangelism through presenting the Gospel to many kids throughout our community that may never hear the gospel otherwise.

Requirements to serve
  • Be a member of Evangel
  • Submit to a background check, which is a requirement to work with the youth in our church.

Bus Ministry


To provide transportation to Evangel Baptist church so guests can receive the truth and have opportunity to serve the Lord as we carry our God’s will today.

  • Our bus ministry staff grows in grace through serving others.
  • Our bus ministry staff has opportunities to build relationships that lead to the sharing of the gospel.
  • Our bus ministry staff grows through fellowship with like-minded believers in Christ.
Requirements to serve as a bus driver:
  • A CDL class C license with a passenger endorsement is required (church will pay for your training)
  • Drivers must arrive early and/or stay late.
  • All servants with children must submit to a background check.
  • All drivers must be a member of EBC.
Requirements to serve as a bus worker/rider:
  • All servants with children must submit to a background check.
  • All servants have a willingness to come early and/or stay late.
  • All regular servants must be members of EBC. Occasional workers may be non-member regular attenders but are under the supervision of an EBC member.
  • All servants need to have a desire to be friendly to all they serve.



To welcome all who attend the services of Evangel Baptist Church making a lasting first impression which will encourage each person to desire to come again. Greeters communicate hospitality and remove anxiety for those attending by answering questions, valuing every guest and member, and providing cheerful directions making it more likely to hear and believe the message of the gospel being communicated through the preaching, teaching, and body life of the church.

Requirements to serve
  • Greeting team leaders must be members and regularly attending Evangel Baptist Church.
  • Non-member regular attenders may help as greeters occasionally in support of team leaders.
  • Greeters need a passion for the greeting ministry
  • Greeters have the willingness to be consistently early
  • Greeters possess a willingness to initiate contact with all people who attend giving priority to first time guests
  • Greeters have an eye for the well-being and improvement of the greeting ministry



To facilitate turning 1st time guests into second time guests and then to regular attenders. We pray that God will use the timely connections between the follow-up ministry team servants and guests to encourage our guests to worship Jesus regularly at Evangel as well as open doors for the communication of truth including the gospel. Our prayer is that these connections will also help meet a need in each person for meaningful relationships.

Requirements to serve
  • Servants in this ministry must be committed to the body of Christ at Evangel as a member.
  • Have a heart for people.
  • Willing to connect with guests using multiple communication methods.

Children’s Ministries


The children’s ministry at Evangel Baptist Church exists to partner with parents as they make disciples of their children.

Requirements for teachers
  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • A member of Evangel Baptist Church in good standing
  • Approved background check
  • Having the capacity and concern for the salvation and spiritual development of each child in your classroom.
  • Come prepared to teach and engage the children in your class each time you are scheduled to teach.

Ladies’ Ministries


The Ladies Ministry team facilitates discipleship, service, and fellowship for all ladies of Evangel Baptist Church through special events and activities. These events and activities also provide opportunities for outreach and evangelism.

Requirements to serve

Not all requirements apply to all activities.

  • Membership not required for most service and fellowship opportunities
  • A desire to connect with other ladies and impact lives for Christ
  • ANY kind of skill/talent (i.e. gardening, crafting, cooking, fashion, healthy living, teaching, etc.)
  • Willingness to share your passions with other women for the purpose of building each other up and deepening relationships.
  • Be available once or twice a year for events OR more regularly for church sponsored dinners.



The coffee/hospitality ministry exists to provide a welcoming friendly experience for all attending Evangel.  This ministry is primarily one of fellowship and service. We strive to provide coffee and other refreshments, to those we are serving, with a smile and friendly demeanor.

Requirements to serve
  • Participants should be regular attenders at Evangel Baptist Church. Membership is not required; however all participants are to be approved by the ministry leader.
  • Maintain a humble, teachable spirit and consistently be quick to seek forgiveness from others and show forgiveness to others.
  • Possess a desire and willingness to serve those attending our church on a weekly basis or as needed.
  • Accept or decline scheduling requests by the ministry leader quickly and communicate whenever they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities.
  • Be willing to arrive early and stay until cleanup is complete each time the participant is assigned to serve.Arrival time is 8:00 AM.
  • General responsibilities are as follows: Arrive on time as scheduled, prepare the coffee, display the donuts, stock the condiments, serve the coffee, donuts, and other refreshments, perform all duties needed to clean the area.



The nursery ministry enables parents to participate in a worship service or to serve within the church in some other ministry.  It promotes focused worship among parents with small children.  It “teaches” our young that church is a welcoming place where they will be loved and cared for.  It promotes fellowship among the workers who participate each week.  It has been used to draw souls to Christ as they are exposed to the gospel while their babies are being cared for.  And it enables believers to serve in a simple but valuable ministry.

Requirements to serve
  • A sincere love for young children and desire to promote in them a positive impression of church.
  • Each worker is to be a member of Evangel Baptist Church.
  • Every volunteer 18 yrs. of age or older will have completed a background check.
  • Commit to serve during a regular service monthly or on a substitute basis.
  • Follow parents’ instructions for the care of their child as closely as possible.
  • Inform the Nursery Director of commitment changes as soon as possible.