What Can I Expect When I Come to Evangel?

One of the most intimidating aspects of trying something new is not knowing what to expect. Sometimes, rather than take a chance on being embarrassed or uncomfortable, people just avoid it. At Evangel, we believe that God and church are so important that you shouldn’t avoid it. So we want you to have some idea of what to expect when you come to Evangel. 

Each of our services is a little different, so at different services you can expect different things. But there are some things that are the same no matter which service you attend. 

God will be the most important. 

At Evangel, we believe that God is the most important being in this universe. At each of our services, we desire to make him our primary audience.  

The Bible will be our guidebook. 

God has given us the Bible to teach us about him and about his desire for our lives. All of our meetings include teaching from the Bible that explains how the Bible can be applied to our daily lives. 

The music will help us think about God. 

Our music is designed to focus our minds on some aspect of God or our lives with him. We use both variety of music to practice the biblical commands to worship God and to teach each other through singing. 

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Do You Have Something for my Family?

At Evangel, we understand that your children are very important to you. While you are more than welcome to keep your children with you in any service, we want you to know that we work hard to provide a safe and enjoyable program for them so that your mind can be free to think about God and his Word.  

We believe that a child’s most formative years should include a strong emphasis on the Bible. Even though children are young, God can use his word to teach them the basic principles of life such as God’s presence with us, sin, obedience, and salvation in Christ. 

Qualified and caring teachers work hard to prepare lessons and learning activities for your children. All of our children’s workers have undergone background checks. Your children will be safe and well cared for at Evangel. 

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We also have a program for teenagers to help them navigate the sometimes rough waters of junior high and high school. Our youth leader works hard to plan relevant lessons from Scripture and provide opportunities for teenagers to grow together spiritually.  

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What Should I Wear?

We are more concerned with your personal relationship with God than we are with your wardrobe. At Evangel, people dress in a variety of ways. Don’t let your clothes keep you from coming to Evangel. 

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Not that we can think of, but if something comes to your mind, please email us. We will respond as soon as we can and answer any questions you might have. 

Maybe it’s been a while since you have been to church. That’s okay. Just don’t put it off any longer. Our desire is to make you feel welcome without being embarrassed in any way. We want to help you in your spiritual journey so that you find 

Hope for life
Truth for growth
Friends for encouragement
God for good.