Elementary Programs

Sunday School (Grades 1-6)

Sunday Mornings 9:45am -10:45am

Sunday mornings are full of excitement when you combine the energy of a child and love of Christ.

Hero Town / Power Zone (Grades 1-6)

Sunday Mornings 10:50am -12:15pm

Special programs designed to engage your child in church at their level.

AwanaAWANA (K-6th grade)

Wednesdays during the school year 6:30pm-8:15pm

AWANA helps children and youth know, love and serve Christ, combining learning with fun to produce lifelong results in kids, families and your church!

Children’s Choir (K-6th grade)

Wednesdays during the summer 7:00pm – 8:15pm

Your child will learn to use their talents to serve God as they put on a concert at the end of the summer.

Summer Camp (4th-6th grade)

Lake Ann Camp exists to challenge individuals in a group setting to make biblical, life-changing decisions through unique learning experiences.

 **During the year your Elementary student will also have the opportunity to go on field trips, race in a Grand Prix and make life long friends.