Seeking a Youth and Family Pastor

Evangel Baptist Church is ready to move into the future by calling a new assistant pastor to serve and lead our congregation in ministering to youth and families. If you or someone you know fits the criteria and has an interest in being a part of the future at Evangel, please contact us below. 

Youth and Family Pastor Profile

Role: Pastor for Youth and Families 

Role Summary: The Pastor of Youth and Families leads the Evangel Student Ministries (ESM) and provides pastoral care and oversight of the pastoral care ministry at Evangel Baptist Church. This person will serve as a part of the pastoral team and will report to the senior pastor. He will support the mission and ministry of Evangel wholeheartedly. He will preach and teach in various ministries. This is a full-time position with benefits. 

Personal Requirements
  • Have a mature and growing relationship with God seen in personal disciplines and public life that meets the biblical qualifications for pastor in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:3-10.
  • Have good reputation with those both inside and outside the church.
  • Have an evident call to pastoral ministry.
  • Have an evident ability to preach and teach publicly and privately.
  • Have an ability to work as part of a pastoral ministry team in evaluating, planning, and leading the congregation.
  • Possess strong personal and relational skills.
  • Have a Master of Divinity (completed or in progress) or equivalent education or experience.
  • Have a strong desire to continually learn and develop in theology and ministry skills.
  • Be able to fully affirm the doctrinal statement and ministry philosophy of Evangel Baptist Church.
  • Have a strong desire to disciple teenagers.
  • Have a strong desire for pastoral care and counseling. 
Primary Roles

Youth Pastor – To make disciples of Middle School and High School students by leading Evangel Student Ministries.

  • Provide pastoral and organizational leadership to ESM.
  • Be the primary teacher for ESM, engaging in expositional teaching and topical teaching as appropriate. 
  • Recruit and mentor youth sponsors.
  • Connect with and develop personal relationships with students and parents.
  • Equip students with a biblical worldview for future life.
  • To stress the ESM as a part of the corporate body rather than a standalone ministry. 

Family Pastor – To make disciples through pastoral care and counseling.

  • To help Evangel partner with parents to raise children and teens who are brought up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord so that they are disciples of Christ.
  • To assist in pastoral oversight of the Christian Education ministries of Evangel (including nursery, Sunday School, AWANA, and children’s church).
  • To oversee the watch-care for the congregation through the Connections ministry.
  • To engage in hospital and sick visitation.
  • To engage in pastoral counseling from a biblical perspective in line with ACBC and CCEF.

Church Profile

Evangel Baptist Church is strongly rooted in God’s Word with a passion to joyfully grow and reach our diverse southeast Michigan community through our various ministries, such as Downriver Pregnancy Resource Center, AWANA, Sunday School, Youth Group, Adult Bible Fellowship, Oasis – Seniors, Bus Ministry, and many others. Our church strives for people to find a warm and sincere welcome, no matter what your background, accomplishments, mistakes, or struggles. 

In 1934, a group of 8 believers met in a home to discuss God’s will for a future church. Their former church had the beginnings of apostasy and modernism. They visited other churches and were unable to find anything that would meet their spiritual needs and provide the Christian fellowship they desired. At a weekly meeting, two of the participants announced the availability of a vacant church building on the corner of Telegraph and Pennsylvania Roads in Taylor, Michigan. A decision was made to purchase the building and call it Evangel Baptist Church.   

God blessed their commitment and the church experienced significant growth with many building expansions to accommodate the increase in the congregation.  The largest construction project was completed in the fall of 1992 to add an expanded auditorium, offices, and classrooms. We praised God for enabling the project to be finished debt free. Currently, Evangel Baptist has ~400 members with an average attendance of ~250 at Sunday school, ~350 at the Sunday morning service, ~200 at the Wednesday mid-week ministries. We also have multiple grow groups meeting throughout the week. Our various services and ministries support our overall discipleship process which consists of the following approach: 

  • Come to Christ – We seek to make more and better disciples for Christ
  • Grow in Holiness – We pursue being imitators of God in holiness and unity
  • Serve in Love – We are involved in missional efforts to spread the seed of the Gospel 

We have a balanced style of worship and sound biblical teaching integrated into ministries that focus on the entire family. Our staff currently consists of two associate pastors serving in areas of worship/grow groups and spiritual development/visitation. 

Evangel Baptist Church is located in an area called “Downriver” which is comprised of 17 cities located south of Detroit. The Downriver area is composed of more than 190 square miles and 360,000 people. The people of the Downriver area have a diverse cultural identity which makes this area so interesting. Once known for our large number of people of Southern origin who migrated to Michigan for the automotive industry, Downriver is the home for various ethnic groups: German, Irish, Polish, African American, Italians, and Hispanic. We also have the largest Arab population outside the Middle East, near Downriver. People who have come to this area have found a place of hope and new beginnings. Taylor is the most populous city in the Downriver area. This is the area where God has located Evangel to have a great impact. Beyond this area, Evangel Baptist has a heart for missions, which has been evident in the life of the church from the beginning. We are currently supporting 27 missionaries at home and abroad.